DYR: Calligraphy Book


Back in February, we set out to start a Do You Read? (DYR) series of posts. These would contain related design information and be done on a month by month basis. Now that we have increased our travelling over the past few months and made some other significant change – including moving our projects around, we are now going to continue the initial outline of DYR but not every month. We aim to be showcasing more of our other projects, as well as this one so we hope you enjoy this, the first of many DYR posts.

Since we have been working around calligraphy for a while and recently posting some of the work on instagram, we want to share the first book we purchased to aid this creative work. Studying calligraphy within a class gave us the opportunity to speak with others and get referrals on which books are useful, and will help us continue to practice during our own time. This book is a simple and straight-forward guide in helping the reader understand the step-by-step practices, undertaking the skills used to complete these different styles of writing. A few key features in this book include:

  • A guideline of layouts, from page orientation to poem writing format. Important for knowing how you would set up for each project (Pg. 16)
  • Exploring textures in height, width, spacing, etc… in the way you will write (Pg. 29)TheVersatilityOfTheLetterform
  • One of the many full alphabet styles. You can practice using the outlined steps listed and demonstrated by each letter (Pg. 56)
  • Examples of how to write, for whatever project you you are working on. Even if it is as personal as a invite, you can find an example (Pg. 86)

Also included is a historical introduction, 10 different styles of alphabet – plus numbers, and an Index to help you find things fast. We would highly recommend this if you are starting calligraphy or just generally interested in reading about it. Finding it very useful when we first purchased it and still refer back to it from time to time because it still holds great value, aiding our work.

This book is by Gaynor Goffe. The hardback, published in 1996, can purchased for very cheap on the internet – Amazon and eBay sell this item for around £3 on average.


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