City To City

City-To-CityWe have been planning to travel to a few cities this year, for some time now. These visits will be photography based and range from scenery shots to photoshoots, and we are really looking forward to working on this new project. Finding the time, as well as the desired location, is very crucial. The seasons are very important, for example. If you are picturing a specific kind of photograph in your head, you have to take a lot of things into consideration.

These will be irregular travels but we have already started and will always post on them, when we arrive back to base. Each post will be titled with the city and country that was visited and some detail about what we took pictures of and saw whilst there. This will be a full run down and list other things we may go back to do/suggestions to do.

At the end of the year, we will collate all the posts and design a downloadable PDF. Making this an addition to the project, called “In My City”. Our aim is to identify the many different things, in all the different cities. Some of you may find interesting, some of you may not but this may make you more aware of what is out there. “In My City” is about someone’s city, if not our own. It might even be about yours.

Also, follow the hashtag ‘TravelDoodle’ if you are interested to see what things we sketch out, while travelling. Follow on Instagram/Twitter/Tumblr to see the posts.


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