New Scanner Needed


When your scanner no longer functions the way you need it to, what do you? We had to start using cameras to take shots of what we needed, and even though they are not perfect, it has been doing the job. It has been in our family from the beginning of time-3 years ago, and it has decided to pass on to the other side. We had an all-in-one, Canon MP220, but it was very costly and reliable on ink (even to just scan) so this is maybe for the best?

Now, to decide on a replacement… Looking for something that is not too expensive to keep around, it does the job very well and will last a long time. We are also deciding whether it will be an all-in-one or just a scanner for now. Decisions, decisions, decisions. But we’ve seen 3 so far, that we are sort of like the spec of:

  • Epson Perfection V370 – Scanner only (£89.99)
  • Pandigital PANSCN02 – Scanner only (£39.99)
  • Canon Pixma MG3155 – All-in-one (£49.99)

These are all quick price checks, we will definitely shop around some more before we buy. Brands are something to consider but as long as it does the job (for the right price) we are satisfied. For now though, we will continue to use the camera, it has served us very well indeed.

As for guidance on which one would be most suitable for yourself, make a list of your needs and tick off where each apply. When shopping for such things, it shouldn’t be stressful, it should be as straightforward as possible. So, when you see a scanner/printer you like and it ticks all your boxes, you will know that is the one for you. And that is exactly how we will pick ours.

Pandigital PANSCN02


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