Do You Holiday/Meditate?


It’s not always easy to take a holiday, when you could really do with one. It can be dependent on a multitude of things including finances and timing, but even a change of scenery can help clear your mind. Creativity is limited between what you have seen and what has been described to you. Your mind can flow with creativity, once you have explored the different things in the world-with your very own eyes, along with the rest of your senses. If you can’t do a big getaway, do a weekender – take a train, bus, drive or even ride to a different city.

Explore the city history, visit a museum, or even try doing something that the locals do on a regular basis. We took a 2 hour trip out of the city for concert and planned things to do in that city, in the meantime. We managed to go to an Art Gallery, went to the cinema, shopped, and of course took some pictures – a lot, actually. That was one of the few eventful plans we have made and since we enjoyed it so much, we’re planning on doing this more often. Not all the trips you take will be as eventful as the last, depending on what is available for you to do while there.

Meditation is very helpful if you need some time to yourself. You can also exercise, do Yoga, Tai Chi, etc… For meditation, try to:

  • Sit comfortably, for at least 10 minutes.
  • No background music, concentrate on positive things
  • Keep your eyes closed for the full duration of the meditation

Do this multiple times per week to help yourself unwind from stressful events. You can also record how you felt before and after, to see how this is effecting your mood. Hopefully, you will see a difference in the weeks you continue to do it. You can also play Tai Chi music, if you would prefer. There are many YouTube videos available with such calming music.

The aim of this is to eventually be able to manage your life, less stressed and ready to work harder.


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