MCM Comic Con

MCM-Comic-ConWe attend the 2013 MCM Comic Con, in London on Saturday 26th October. Queued for just under and hour, paid £10 to view what the MCM had to offer. There was game playing, signings, costumes for sale and more. Quite a lot of queues were formed, come to think of it, there were certain things in demand – of course. The range of artwork, talks and characters was not disappointing. However, we didn’t spot a well designed Deadpool, Superman or Spiderman, which was surprising but there was a lot of people and lots to do. As hard as we looked, we could not find any of those characters in a great costume, but we did find a few others…

MCM2(left to right) Bane, Ghostbuster, Judge Dredd, Iron Patriot & Iron Man.

Just a few of the costumes we thought had a lot of effort behind them. One even said it cost $1,000 to make the helmet alone. We also got footage of an outside dance party, which added to the element of excitement – we were not expecting that. It was a great atmosphere, people happily stopped and posed for pictures and most of them were friendly with others (free hugs) in attendance and constantly high-fiving.

If you’re into art, movies, and anything alike, go the the London MCM Comic Con if you ever get the chance. It was well worth it – 5 hours well spent. There is also a MCM Comic Con in Birmingham, November 23-24 at the NEC and, a MCM Comic Con in Manchester, July 19-20 2014. The movie “47 Ronin” was advertised a lot there and that also looked appealing. I had seen it advertised a while ago but now I can look out for it in the UK, come December.


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