We’re GTAV Online


First the breakdown… Released in the UK on Tuesday 17 September 2013, Grand Theft Auto V/GTA 5 is already the game of the year for me. The trailers didn’t do it any justice, it was not what I was expecting and I avoided trying to get info on the track listing for the radio stations-as bad as I wanted to know. If I had the time and ability to play this game for 72 hours straight, I probably would have, upon its release. It’s one of my most recommended games of all time and always goes above and beyond in my opinion.

This is the only game I really, really anticipate coming out. It takes years for each instalment and some of the new features I find to be great in this instalment:

Character change – This is great-no complaints here. They have their own missions and can join together on some missions. The best part is switching through each character, while on a joint mission-this kept me on my toes. Like being in 2 or 3 places at once, pure genius.

Soundtrack – I live for the GTA/Rockstar music so to have specific tunes on the radio stations is a major bonus. Stardust, Mojo, Kendrick Lamar, Jai Paul, Sam Flax, Taana Gardner… I’ll be here all day listing them but those are just a few.

Other features – Camera pictures and “selfies”. It was so funny to find it had been added to the game. Store stick-ups, tattoos and clothes changes are still great features.

Online access – Only played recently. We all had trouble getting on, the day of the launch and waited about a week to be able to play. After playing, it seems to have had a major update and the additional features (too much to go into) made it kind of worth the delay.

GTAV Overall – Los Santos, San Andreas got an upgrade. It looks a lot more polished and I was surprised at first, a little against it and then found it to be quite the addition to the gameplay. Characters show much more movement abilities and GTA continues to mock everything, from the government to society and I love that they continue to do his. We will definitely be taking time to complete this story mode, and also going into the online mode more often.

I can still go back and play Vice City or even GTA, because the theme of the game is entertaining, it will never lose its unique value.


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