Tech Info: Backing Up Data


Always, ALWAYS, back up data. If you’re in a rush, end your work about 5 minutes earlier just to back it up. I’m more than cautious now that I have lost over 3 years worth of work, even though this happened to me in 2007. Having to start again wasn’t the problem-I had to start new projects all the time but it was the idiotic way I lost it all. I had backed my work up on an external hard drive and then deleted it off the laptop, to have it cleaned. About 3 days later when I went to put everything back on the laptop again, the hard drive crashed.

The hard drive was still within the warranty years so it would have been fine to have sent it back, and had the company sort it out. Well, if I hadn’t had been in so much of a panic to get the work off, I would have had more of a chance to of retrieving the data. Instead, I voided the warranty by opening the shell and after I thought I made progress with that accomplishment, I saw the next set of screws and realised I wasn’t going to get any further.

I, of course, learned a valuable lesson from that and have never attempted anything like that again. Yes I could have paid someone to have a look at it after but back then I was not thinking, after I drilled into it in the first place. So now, I just stock up on back up devices. It may seem excessive but due to the level of important stuff lost on that hard drive-not just my design work, I have to be extra cautious. I now have:

  • 4 External Hard Drives
  • 4 SD Cards
  • 10 USB Sticks
  • Multiple Blank DVD’s & CD’s

These, along with laptops and a PC as additional back up. Even website servers and things like iCloud are very handy. Try or keep using the old school way of keeping simple files like your e-mail (Drafts or send documents to yourself) can also help. Keeping everything in place and knowing where each back up has gone may be difficult-if you don’t keep track, but it’s better to be over prepared than under prepared. Not too long ago, I came across a pack of floppy disks I’d used for handing in uni assignments (I waited out the transition to CD because I didn’t believe spending 50p on each of them was a good cause, when the floppy did the same job. A CD also holds a lot more data so it felt like robbery when I finally had to switch).

If you’ve ever watched “That 70’s Show” and seen Season 3, Episode 15 where Red explains what Kitty does with the shoes he accidentally scuffed (If you haven’t, skip to the 21:35 mark)… That’s how I became with the broken hard drive, I kept it around for a while-just as a reminder of how much of an idiot I’d been for breaking the warranty. It did it’s job.


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